To fight for the future, not to have better future but simply to have it and on the earth
not only ours future but the future of our kids and next generations
Globally energy consumption is rising, in daily life we all use more equipment which has to be powered. The question is what is the origin of energy, what is the real source, we all know that still fossil fuels are the main part.
Symbase Hydrogen Energy vision is to do the change, do it much smarter and much better, switch to solution which are 100% green without co2 footprint for operation, in addition our solutions gives energy independence.
You can be green and off-grid – how it sounds for you, we hope it sounds pretty good.
Green Hydrogen gives hope for all sectors, transport, industry, buildings.
Everyone can produce green hydrogen using energy from sun or wind, energy which can be stored and converted to electricity or heat.
We believe our actions and projects will give awareness to others and inspire them to follow.
We are part of the change for better

Klaudiusz Dominiak

Founder and CEO of Symbase Hydrogen Energy